Rule During the New Kingdom
By Justine Coleman and Dina Ninan

Vocab: Regent-someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule

This wiki is on the New Kingdom of Egypt. This includes the rule of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III.
This wiki also includes Alexander the Great and Egypt and Cleopatra. This is after the New Kingdom.

Hatshepsut the Pharaoh Queen

Imagine if you ruled Egypt, but you were too young to, so your stepmother ruled for you. Thutmose III began his rule in
1504 B.C. His stepmother was chosen to be a regent, someone who rules for a child, because Thutmose III was a child.
His stepmother, Hatshepsut, which means Foremost of Noble Ladies, became pharaoh and was supreme ruler for about fifteen years.

Then, if you ruled Egypt, you'd watch as your stepmother becomes a well-known and great
leader. Hatsheput was a great leader for Egypt. Hatsheput is known the most in making peace and economic success.
She sent traders to many faraway places and gained many things, like ivory and leopard skins.

Now imagine that when you grew older, your stepmother would not give the throne to you. After, Thutmose III grew up, Hatshepsut
refused to give up the throne. However, she died in 1458 B.C., and Thutmose III became pharoah and demolished her statues.

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Thutmose III
After getting the throne, Thutmose III become one of the most fantastic phoroahs in the New Kingdom.
He was supposed to get the throne after his father's death, but he was too young. That's why Hatshepsut ruled.

Thutmose had a great army and conquered a lot of places including Syria and Phoenicia. He acctually conquered nearly
350! Thutmose III was considered to be the Napoleon of Egypt because of his military conquests. One of his greatest
was the Battle of Megiddo. To read more about the battle click the link below.
Instead of being just a conquerer, he was also very educated.
Read more about Thutmose III
The End of the New Kingdom
Egypt, at the end of the New Kingdom, decreased by breaking into Civil War. This left Egypt broken and very weak.
Many years later, in 332BC, Egypt was conquered by Alexander the Great, who was Macedonian. Macedonians
maintained controlling Egypt for almost 300 years.

Queen Cleopatra was the conclusion of Macedonian rulers in Egypt. She ruled until Egypt was taken over by the Romans.
Cleopatra thought the Romans would celebrate by jumping about the city, so to avoid humiliation, she commited suicide.
Egypt didn't govern itself for about 2,000 years.


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Important Information:

  • Hatshepsut was a regent for Thutmose III when he was a child.
  • Hatshepsut would not give up the throne to Thutmose III when he was older.
  • Hatsheput died in 1458 B.C. and Thutmose III took over .
  • Thutmose III was a conquerer.
  • Egypt went into civil war. Long after Egypt's civil war, Alexander the Great conquered Egypt .
  • Cleopatra was the last Macedonian ruler before Romans took over.

Reading Check: What caused the decrease during the New Kingdom?

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