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The Nile River is the worlds longest river , it is about 4184 miles long. It starts south of the equator and runs north through northeast Africa into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile River is formed by three main streams the Blue Nile, Atbara, and the White Nile. The name Nile comes from the Greek word Nelios, which means river valley. An interesting fact is that the Nile flows from south to north, unlike other major rivers in the world. Although the Nile River is associated with Egypt only 22% of the river runs through Egypt. The Nile River flows through Egypt, making a fertile green valley acroos the desert.

The ancient Egyptions started with small settlements near the Nile River and were allowed to make permanent settlements only because of the Nile River. Because it rarely rained in the region of Lower Nubia, people had to live close to the Nile River for their water supply. Farming along the banks of of the Nile flooded the riverbanks and deposited a rich layer of sediment also called silt.