Napata and Meroe SS6

By : Paige Liebowitz and Brianna Kahler
Key terms in chapter 3 section 5

  • ore- a mineral or a combination of minerals mined for the productions of metals
  • Lower Nubia- the region of ancient Nubia between the first and second Nile cataracts
  • Upper Nubia- the region of ancient Nubia between the second and sixth Nile cataracts
    • artisan- a worker who is skilled in crafting goods by hand

      Map of Nubia

The Capital of Napata (nuh PAY tuh)

South of Kerma there was Nubian cities of Napata and Meroe located in the land called Kush.The kingdom was centered in the Nubia city and while then in Meroe. From the capital were Napata was located , the Kushites exspaned power in to Egypt.The kings from Napata took more control gradually over Egypt.They also moved the capital city from Thebes to Memphis. The Napata kings liked and admired the Egypition culture . Napatan brought back maney Egyptian ways also they persurved them.They started to build pyramids to bury there kings. The ruins of the small Nubian pyramids call also be discovered and seen today. The rule of the Napatan kings did not last very long . About 660 B.C. , they were forced back into Nubia. They retreated to Napata and then gradually moved their capital south to Meroe. The Nubians never again controlled Egyptian land .

Sudan This link will take you to a website that teaches you about who some of the first kings in Napata and Meroe and lots of other neat stuff to learn about all you have to do is click on the link.

The Capital of Meroe (MEHR oh ee)
After Nubians moved south of Egypt's reach, they founded a royal court in the acient city of Meroe.Meroe was located on the Nile River between the fifth and sixth cataracts.Meroe was then the center of an empire that included much of Nubia. It also stretched south into central
Africa. East of Meroe there was a rocky desert that held large deposits of iron ore . *( ore (awr) n. a mineral or a combination of minerals mined for the production of metals*). The Nubians used that ore to make iron weapons and tools. The people of Meroe were the first Africans to work with iron. Iron weapons allowed Nubians to control trade routes that ran way over to the Red Sea. Iron plows allowed them to produce generous supplies of food. When they got to the Red Sea they traded goods from central Africa for articles from India, the Arabian Peninsula, and Rome. Meroe grew rich from this trade.Today Meroe is still a big mystery.The Nubians created their own system of hieroglyphics writing.Scholars have not been fully able to understand these hieroglyphics, which can be found on the temples and tombs of the kingdom.In A.D. 200s, Meroe began to weaken and it fell to the African kingdom of Axum in the next century.Although it fell features of Nubian culture have lasted for 3,500 years. To this day Nubian styles of pottery, furniture, and jewlery braided hair styles and clothing surving among people of the modern day African country of Sudan.
Meroe this link takes you to a website that you can not only learn about Meroe but Napata and lots more!! All you have to do is click on the link and your set.

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Some stuff that Paige and I learned that we would like you to know also is that Meroe was known for learning to make iron weapons and tools. Another great fact is that Napata was known for building pyramids in which to bury their kings. We also thought that was kind of weird.One last fact is that the source of Meroe's wealth was trade.P.S. if you didnt pay attention to what we just said then you are in trouble because this is on the quiz.

Reading check for chapter 3 section 5
Hoe did the people of Meroe use iron ore?

Answer for reading check

The nubians used the ore to make iron weapons and tools.

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