The Kerma Culture
by: Nicole, Claire, and Angelina

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  1. ore-a mineral or a combination of minerals mined for the production of metals
  2. Lower Nubia-the region of ancient Nubia between the first and second Nile cataracts
  3. Upper Nubia-the region of ancient Nubia between the second and sixth Nile cataracts
  4. artisan-a worker who is skilled in crafting goods by hand


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Kerma is known for their skilled artisans. They would make very delicate and valuable pieces of pottery. Some items made from the artisans of Kerma were found in the tombs of pharaohs.

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Kerma is found near Upper Nubia. It is between the third and fourth cataract.

nubian burial
nubian burial

During the time of The Kerma Culture the Kushites buried their kings in interesting ways. They started with a bed made of glistening gold. The land on which they buried their kings on was the size of a full length football field. On top of that, they surrounded their wealthy kings with jewels, gold, and ivory. If you are wondering what ivory is, it is a color like beige but only lighter. It is WAS used for piano keys but it is now illegal to have the United States.

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