RULE DURING THE NEW KINGDOM BY: John Howard and Collin Dunkle

Hatshepsut [ collin

  • Hatshepsut was Egypt's ruler for about 15 Years.
  • To make her people not be afraid she dressed ,and acted like a man.
  • She was a master politician ,and an elegant stateswoman.
  • She claimed that her father favored her over her two brothers.

Thutmose3 john
  • Thutmose captured 350 cities during his reign.
  • Thutmose reigned from 1479 BC to 1425 BC.
  • He had nine children.
  • Some say he helped kill Hatshepsut.
  • He led his troops into battle against Syria and Phoenicia.
VOCAB collin

  • Regent- Someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule.

Hatshepsut's temple john

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Thutmose III great pharaoh and military leaderjohn
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  • Vocab word Regent
  • Hatshepsut and Thutmose III
  • After the new kingdom Egypt fell to alaxander the great since it was poorly defended.
  • Queen Cleopatra VII became the last Macedonian to rule Egypt
  • When the Romans took over Queen Cleopatra VII comitted sucide to save herself from the humiliation of being paraded around Egypt
    by the Romans.

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QUIZ! john
1.Who might of killed Hatshepsut A. Thutmose III B. Crazy old man or C. AgenteneseII

2. Who did Thutmose III lead his troops against? A. Syria and Phoenicia B. Babylonia and Assyria or C. Isrealites and Caldeins

3. Who was a master politician? A.Hatshepsut B. Thutmose III or C. George Washington

4. Who comitted suicide to save herself from humiliation? A. Hatshepsut B. Cleopatra I or C. Cleopatra VII

5. What is a regent?


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