Rule During the New KingdomBy Tim Stephens and Austin Smith

Social Studies Period 6


regent (REE junt) n. someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule

Map of Egypt During the New Kingdom

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Imporant Facts of the Heading

  • 1504 B.C. Thutmose III began his reign.

  • His stepmother, Hatshepsut, was appointed regent because of his young age.

  • She was not content on being regent, so she proclaimed herself pharaoh.

  • She ruled Egypt for fifteen (15) years.

The Pharaoh Queen


  • During Hatsheput's 15 year reign, there was great peace and ecnomic success.

  • Hatsheput was known for sending a famous expedition to the land of Punt which is located on the East Coast of Africa.

  • When Thutmose III was old enough to rule, Hatsheput refused to turn over the throne.

  • After the death of Hatshepsut, Thutmose III became pharaoh and destroyed all of her statues.

  • To this day it is not known if Thutmose III played a part in her death.

This is a link to infromation on Deir el- Bahri, Thebes

This is a video about Thutmose III and Hatshepsut

Thutmose III Rules


  • He led his army into many wars against, Syria and Phoenicia, in South West Asia.

  • He became one of the greatest rulers of the New Kingdom.

  • He was an educated man who loved to study plants.

  • He was unlike many rulers of his time because those he defeated were treated with mercy.
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Ancient Egypt After the New Kingdom

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  • During the end of the New Kingdom, civil war made Egypt weak and poorly defended.
  • In 332 B.C., long after the end of the New Kingdom, Egypt fell to the great conqueror Alexander the Great of Macedonia

• In 51 B.C., Queen Cleopatra VII became the last Mecedonian to rule Egypt.

• Egypt became part of the Roman Empire in 31 B.C.

• Egypt would not govern itself again for almost 2,000 years


1. What is a regent?

2. How long did Hatshepsut rule Egypt?

3. True or False Hatshepsut did not want to turn the throne over to Thutmose III when he was old enough to rule.

4. True or False Thutmose III treated those he defeated with cruelty.

5. What was Thutmose III's favorite study?


1. When did Egypt become part of the Roman Empire?

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