Nubia and Egypt 6
by Morgan, Brooke, and Emily


ORE- A combination of minerals mined for the production of metals.

LOWER NUBIA- The region between the first and second Nile cataracts.

UPPER NUBIA- The region between the second and sixth Nile cataracts.
Nile Cataract
Nile Cataract

Basic Information about Nubia and Egypt

  • Between Central Africa and Egypt, Nubia became a trading area.
  • Ruled by the Kushites in southern Nubia, Kerma, Napata, and Meroe were the most powerful kingdoms/cities of Nubia.
  • The Nubians were thought to be the first race of people on Earth.
  • Nubia and Egypt stayed peaceful throughout most of history.
  • Nubia was called, Ta Sety , or Land of the Bow , by Egypt, most likely because they were very skilled archers. They were so skilled that Egyptians even hired them to be in their armies.
  • Nubia had valuable resources in their land, such as gold, iron ore, and copper.
  • Pottery, jewelry, and weapons were found by archeologists at an old burial site.
  • Nubia is located past the first cataract of the Nile River, and south of Egypt. Click on the link below to find out what a cataract is.
downward_arrow.jpg Ancient Nubian Pottery nubian_pottery.jpg (no password)

More Links

[[ and egypt&type=simple&option=all&filterid=|Nubia and Egyptian Relationships]] -- This link shows the relationships between Nubia and Egypt over the years. (password: eyerms/eyerms) This link is interesting because it is a visual showing and telling in simple text.

Nubia's History these are some basic facts about Nubia's history. In other words Nubia is located in NE Africa on both sides of the Nile River Valley. Nubia was formerly called Cush and was ruled by Egypt for about 1800 years. The the Nubians became independant and conquered Egypt. (password: buttocat/buttoca) You must search: Nubia (articles). Select the first one.

This is a power point about Nubia and Egypt (no password)

a quiz on Nubia and Egypt

This is a diagram on Nubia and Egypt. There are some mistakes on this links and I can't change them.


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