Picture of black Pharaohs
By: Connor Gray and Connor Bade Nubia and Egypt
Key terms
Ore- A mineral or combination of minerals mined for product of metals
Lower Nubia- The region between the first and second cataracts
Upper Nubia- The region between the second and sixth Nile cataracts
Artisan- A worker who is skilled in crafting goods by hand

Book Material
Around 6000 B.C. potery and weapons were made in the civilization of Nubia but only now we have found these wonderful masterpieces. Findings tell us that trade was an important part of Nubian life style. In 3100 B.C. Nubian kingdoms arose as the rulers lost power.
Land of the bow

Nubia was located south of Egypt and past the first cataract of the nile river. For most of history the great civilization were freinds. The Egyptians called them Ta Sety witch means the land of the Bow. Nubia was known to have very skilled archers.
They were so skilled that Egypt hired them for there army.

Valuble Resources.
Nubia was known for there resources such as gold, copper,and iron ore. It was a keystone for merchants and civilizations moving goods from central africa to Egypt. Egypt benifited from goods from lower Nubia witch is located inbetween the first and second nile cataracts. It was dangerous for Nubians to go north into Egypt because of many battles.

Map of Nubia and Egypt
Egyptian spearmen


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