Map_of_nubia_and_egypt.jpg Nubia and Egypt
This is a map of the six cataracts.

Erin Stanton, and Eric Ma

Key Terms:
Ore- A mineral or a combination of minerals mined for the product of metals.
Lower Nubia- The region between the first and second Nile cataracts.

Upper Nubia- The region between the second and the sixth Nile cataracts.

In this wiki you will learn....
The relationship between Nubia and Egypt.

  • For most of their long history, Nubia and Egypt were peaceful Neighboors.
  • This all changed because Nubia's location became a bridge for goods traveling between central Africa and Egypt.
  • Early in its history, Egypt benefited ,(took advantage of), goods that came from Lower Nubia.
  • Later, powerful kingdoms started to rise in the south in Upper Nubia. These kingdoms rivaled Egypt for the control of land.
  • The most power in these kingdoms came from these three cities: Kerma (KUR muh), Napata (nuh PAY tuh), and Meroe ( MEHR oh ee).
  • Even though those are all powerful cities, all of the kingdoms were ruled by Kushites, people who live in southern Nubia.
  • The C-Group were hostile to the Egyptians.
  • By this, Egyptians Dominated over Nubia from about 1950-1000 BC.
  • Egypt called Nubia "Ta Sety" which means "Land of the Bow". Egypt called Nubia that because Nubia had such skilled archers. Egypt was so impressed that they hired Nubian archers for its armies.
  • Nubia was also the center of scholarship that was largely overlooked in favor of its splendid nighbor, Egypt.

  • A-Group: 3800-3100 B.C.
  • C-Group: 2300-1550 B.C.

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