Section 4:

Lives of the Egyptians By Ryan Hari, Jordan DiPietro, and Austin Anderson

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Key Terms:

Hieroglyphs: Pictures and other written symbols that stand for ideas, things, or sounds.

Papyrus: An early form of paper made from a reed plant found in the marshy areas of the Nile Delta; this is the plant used to make this paper.

Astronomer: A scientist who studies the stars and other objects in the sky.


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Our studies of everyday life in ancient Egypt has been descovered from writing on the walls of tombs and other written records. Including thousands of limestone pieces from the New Kingdom which have letters, legal matters and student writing exercises. Below we look at some of the information gathered from both these sources, the Social Studies book, and Egyption History books, and these websites, United Streaming, google images,

People facts:

Fact 1: The Pharoah was the most important person of Ancient Egypt.

Fact 2: Most slaves had freedom just like the other people.

Fact 3: Most Peasants work for wealthier people in Ancient Egypt.

Fact 4: Women preformed many roles such as priestess or dancers.

Fact 5: A sphinx was a landmark made by Ancient Egyptians.

Fact 6: Re was the moon god of Ancient Egypt, another very important person.

Fact 7: Uni had a great career, by running a store house. Later, he was promoted to a high level

Fact 8: Horus was one of the gods of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.

Fact 9: One of the high-ranking egyptians of the Old Kingdom was Uni, the king.

Fact 10:There was a very important plant that is found in Egypt near the Nile Delta called the Papyrus plant.

Fact 11: Hathor was an Egyptian goddess of love, music and beauty.

Fact 12: The Ancient pharaoh, a king priest, was a leader of a religious ceremony in Egypt.

Fact 13: An obelisk was a four sided monument which has a pyramid tip and is very tall, made out of stone.

Fact 14: The ancient egypt pyramids were built for the tombs of ancient pharaohs.

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We found our facts and pictures from the following sites, Google Images.

In Google images, look up lives of the egyptions. Then select your picture.

We also found some of our facts from the class Social Studies Book.

The facts were in section 4, pages 90 - 93

We found some of our facts from websites,, and, Thats were we got all are infomation. Thanks!!- jordan