Eygptian Kingship
By: Trey Hinkle and Patrick Camilli

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Key Terms
pharoah-Names of Eyptian kings

dynasty-Order of rulers from family

absolute power-100% control

regent-A ruler for a kid until he can rule

Facts about Ancient Egypt

All pharoahs have absolute power.
It was 31 dynasties Egypt had from 3100 B.C to 322 B.C.
Eygpt's dynasties today are grouped by three time periods, the first was the Old Kingdom, the second was the Middle Kingdom, and last but not least the third was the New kingdom.
How did the first dynasty start?? Well, King Menes united both Upper and Lower Egypt. Memphis was the city King Menes built after uniting Upper and Lower Egypt

All powerful King Menes wikianswers on King Menes (good link on King Menes)
Menes(some peoplen say he was the same man as Narmer.), a powerful king that united the Lower and Upper Egypt. Menes is also known for discovering the city of Memphis. It is located near Cario today. He ruled two lands during his time. They were named Upper and Lower Egypt. King Menes was considered imaginary as the god-kings proceeded him. King Menes ruled Egypt from sometime between 3150 and 2925 B.C. Menes ruled for 62 years and was killed by a hippopotamus. He was the first king of a united Egypt which meant he was the king of Upper Egypt and then he conquered Lower Egypt.

King Menes

All Worthy Queen Hatshepsut queen hatshepsut site(good link)
Young Hatshepsut daughter of Tuthmose I and Aahmes became Queen because of her 2 brothers deaths, she was also favored in her family. For 15 years she ruled until she faced her death in 1458 B.C. She also was the first women become king. She was the fifth pharoah and ruled during the 18th dynasty. She was born in the 15th century B.C. She rebuilt the trade networks. She recieved a region from ancient authors for about twenty years. Queen Hatshepsut past away as she was nearing the middle age.


Crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt

The white crown which is called Hedjet belonged to Upper Egypt and is a conical headpiece. It was found in 3000 B.C circa. The red crown which is called Deshret belonged to Lower Egypt and it is in the shape of a chair headpiece. It has a low front and a high back. The double crown is called Pschent and is a combination of the Lower and Upper Egypt crowns. Its nickname is called "Two Mighty Ones".

Quiz!!!!!!!!!!! muliple chose
1. When was Queen Hatshepsut born?
A. 15 days ago
B. 15 hours ago
C. 15 years ago
D. 15 centuries ago
2.What was King Menes killed by?
A. Hippopotamus
B. Lion
C. Monkey
D. Bird

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