Egyptian Kingship

` By: Delaney Smith and Claire Going

Egypt Pharohs

1. Hatshepsut was a very famous Egyptian Pharaoh.

  • Hatshepsut was very wise and many people liked her as a ruler. She had absolute power over her kingdom.
  • She lived from 1540-1481 B.C. After her husband died, she took power for twenty years.
  • She was married to her half-brother, Thutmose II. He was king with her. She was the fifth egytian queen of the 18th dynasty. Hashepsut Video!

2. Menes, The king of Memphis

  • Menes was a king. He built the city named Memphis, and he chose its location in the nile. Memphis is in present day Cairo.
  • He was the founding king of the first dynasty, and was the first king to unify the upper and lower egypt into one whole kingdom.
  • His chief wife was named Queen Berenib.
3. The Rulers of Egypt
  • Usually, the title of pharoh was always a man, but sometimes, women could take controll of the wealth and power of a great civilization.
  • Women also wore fake beards as a tradition.
Rulers of Egypt Timeline

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