500x250%20Hatshepsut%20mummy3.jpgBelief in the Afterlife: By: Anthony Hartzog and Matt McKenna

The ancient egyptians believed in the afterlife like many other civilaztions.They believed the spirits of the dead made their way to the afterlife in heavanly boats. During the old kingdom the afterlife was only for there kings and associates. Most egyptians were buried in the desert in shallow pits. People say that the soul of the mummy, but return to recieve food of offerings. Mummifacation was expensive and took two or three months. Workers carefully removed the organs. The body was filled with a natural salt and stored for about 40 days, so it can dry out. When the body was dried out it was cleaned out and bathed in spices, then it was wrapped in 400 bandages.
- Very special people were buried in a mastabos.
- In 800 years atleast 80 perimods were built, some were the biggest in the world.
- Big stone blocks had to be cut out of the ground by hand.
- Each block wieghs about two and a half tons each.
- All the perimods had secret tunnels.external image tut.jpg

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Belief in the Afterlife Quiz

1. What did the Egyptians believe in?

2. Where were the Egyptians buried?

3. How long did mummification take?

4. How long were the bandages the people were wrapped in?

5. How long were the mummies dried out in?

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