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Belief in the afterlife!!!

By:Kadidja Kone and Madison Evans

(The mummy masters)

Belief in the afterlife!

The Egyptians believed that after someone died they would move on to the afterlife. The wierd thing is that the Egyptians believed that they went to the afterlife by heavenly boats!!!! Picture a ghost paddling a boat and you ask him what he's doing. His response would probably be "Heading to the afterlife."the egyptians thought that well you could survive without different things from this life.

The egyptians believed that the person would be judged by fourteen judges.they were there to see why this person did the things they did. After the god Anubis, the one with the jackal head, takes the dead to the scale.The scale is to weigh the goddest heart of the decease. It weighs the heart of the deceased with the feather of Ma'at. Ma'at is the of truth and justice.If the heart is lighter than the feather than the person has had a good life. If the heart heavier than the feather than that person's heart will eaten by by the god Ammit. Then that person will go through the afterlife in oblivion.
the judgement da da da da daaaaa
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Make a Mummy!!!!

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That is just mummifying!!

Great information on mummies!Egyptians wraped dead bodies and put them in a sarcophagus. The ancient Egyptians believed that when someone died, their soul left their body. The soul would then return and be reunited with the body after it was buried. However, the soul needed to be able to find and recognize the body in order to live forever. Mummies didn't leave the body's insides well, inside. They were smart and said " Hey we don't want the insides of this body to just lay there. We should put it somewhere." And so, they did. They placed the internal organs in decorative jars called canopic jars. The jars were usually clay glasses but, with an animal head at the top!! Not just any animal heads, they were the heads of the four sons of Horus. The human head is Imsety, he protects the liver. The baboon head is Hapi, he protects the lungs. The jackal head is Duamutef, he protects the stomach and the upper intestines. the falcon head is Qebehsenuef, he protects the lower intestines. Brainpop video!!!!They place the golden vulture amulet on the throat for protection.

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Help!! Police!! Bone thief on the loose!!!

People have tried to make money

from human bodies and burial

grounds. Since Ancient

Egypt grave robbers

have been

at it!

Golden Vulture Amulet!!

Photo Gallery:

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canopic jars

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Hurosexternal image funny_halloween_mummy_with_one_eye_royalty_free_080823-151145-245042.jpg

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a mummy

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Key Terms:

1.Mummy: the preserved body of a dead person

2.Afterlife: life after death

3.Canopic Jars:the jars that held the internal organs

4.Tomb:a vault, chamber or grave for the dead

Take the Quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Where do you go when you die?

A. you go to heaven.
B. you go to hell.(hey it's in the bible)
C. you go to the afterlife.

2.What are the jars called that store the internal organs?

A. canopic jars
B. tahashi jars
C. spice jars

3.What god weighs the hearts of the recently deceased?

A. Huros
B. Anubis
C. Hathor

4.What are the canopic jars most like?

A. made of plastic and very plain
B. made of clay and very plain
C. made of clay and very decorative

5.What happen's if the heart is heavier than the feather?

A. They get to enjoy the afterlife
B. you get reborn. don't enjoy the afterlife.

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Mummy!These jokes are funny!

Joke #1:Where do mummies go to swim?

Joke#2:What is a mummy's favorite kind of music?

Joke#3:Why were the Egyptian children confused?

Joke#4:Why did the mummy call the doctor?

Joke#5:Who is the best mummy wrapper in Egypt?

Joke#6:What room in your house is a mummy afraid of?


#1:The dead sea
#3:Because their daddies were mummies
#4:Because he was coffin
#5:The wizard of gauze
#6:The living room

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Good Luck!!!!!!Have Fun!!!Learn!!!!!!!!!!